Many students will ask: "Well, who can like school games?" And many adults will smile sadly, because sometimes they really want to plunge into their school childhood and remember their school years.

Who likes school games?

Those who love school, as well as those who cannot stand school play school games. Do not be surprised, because school games are a great opportunity not only to survive your failed school life, but also to avoid all those mistakes and shortcomings that were made in school life.
If you have an unsuccessful exam behind you, if you didn’t get along well with your friends, if you still couldn’t manage to correct your physical education two, then school games is your second chance. Even from victory in the virtual world, you will still get satisfaction.

The difference is that in school games you will experience only positive emotions from school.

Back to school with school games

If among you there are those who really liked to study, who liked the school atmosphere itself, lessons and teachers, friendship with classmates, then you will want to repeat all this experience again.

In the school games category there are games for every taste: there are schoolboy simulators that very realistically bring the player closer to the school past and immerse them in the atmosphere of school life. There are also educational and developmental games that will help you refresh your knowledge and practice your skills in a wide variety of school subjects.

And especially for girls, there are a lot of different fashion games in which you can choose or create your own school uniform of a new design, in which each student will look like the queen of a school ball.

The school games category gives everyone the opportunity to fix all the negative aspects associated with the school. Such games can be called work on their school mistakes.

Genres of school games

Among school games are a variety of genres. You can act as a student yourself, or you can control a character that will be played by your favorite movie hero, a cartoon character or your celebrity idol.

You can choose school arcades or rpg games where you have to collect items or grades to finish the school year with the best student in the school. It can also be actions school games, where you have to escape along the tangled school corridors from the evil headmaster. How to find a way out of school and not fall into the clutches of a guard? How to prepare sandwiches for all students, if you were appointed as a duty in the school cafeteria? How do you manage to cure all the bruises and scratches in the fighting high school students, if you are working today as a nurse in the school’s first-aid post, and classes are about to begin?

And if school games gave you a chance to try yourself as a school principal? How to keep an eye on all this restless economy so that the lessons begin on time, the teachers get into their classrooms, and the students are not late for classes?

The world of school games is diverse and very interesting, players of any age and gender like to play it.