What are 2048 games? Why is this category of games so popular among fans of browser-based online games?

2048 games - an exciting adventure inside the 4x4 square

2048 games are just a 4x4 square. This is exactly the form of the game, which was invented by an Italian boy of 19 years old, whose name is Gabriele Cirulli. He created the 2048 game in one of the programming languages: JavaScript.

The game is called so, because its main goal is to get a tile on the playing field, the face value of which will be 2048.

There are many studies on what tactics to play and what strategies to follow in order to win.

History of 2048 games

The outcome of 2048 games goes into the advent of a commercial game called Threes. The creators of this game reacted negatively to the appearance of 2048 games, called the plagiarism 2048 game and accused Cirulli of plagiarism.

Cirulli said that he was inspired by the game Threes when creating his game. Also, the author of 2048 game himself says that his invasion of the online gaming industry was accidental. The author of the game is not planning to develop games in the future. According to the developer, he wrote this game in less than two days. His goal was not to write a game, he just practiced programming.

Rules 2048 games

How to play 2048 games?

Each round assumes the appearance of a tile, the face value of which will be 2 or 4. The appearance of 4 is unlikely.

The player must press the arrows in order to throw off all the tiles from the playing field. They can be dropped in one of four directions.

During the dumping, one tile can fly onto another, and then instead of two, one will appear, but the face value of this tile will be the sum of those tiles that are connected.

As soon as the move is made, a new tile will appear, the face value of which will be either 2 or 4. After the tiles are connected, the player’s score will increase by the face value of the tile that turned out.

A player is credited with a loss if he cannot complete the action after the next move.

The player can play using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Using these keys, he can move tiles around the field. If the tiles with the same numbers come in contact, they will become one tile with a face value equal to the sum.

Specialists offer different ways and strategies of the game that can help win. Among all these tactics and strategies, there are different tips:

- the strategy of the favorite angle in which the player must collect the block,
- try not to use the up arrow if the cells located above the large block are not occupied,
- a strategy for collecting blocks with a snake in order to be able to group them later,
- the formation of blocks in the direction from the bottom up.

But, according to experts, even such strategies and tips do not guarantee a quick positive result. Achieving the goal of the game is obtained only by a few; you have to train for a long time to achieve the goal.