About Free Armor Games

The term "Armor Games" may at first seem to imply a category of games that focus solely on medieval knights, plate armor, or warfare. However, this assumption could not be more wrong. It actually refers to games, often free to play, produced or sponsored by Armor Games Inc, a popular game development company based in California. Founded in 2004, this gaming powerhouse has since evolved into one of the industry's vanguards, relentlessly unleashing an impressive array of games that cut across countless genres and cater to diverse demographics of gamers.

Armor Games' key assets lie in its talented and imaginative staff, who work in harmonious synergy to create engaging, dynamic, and immersive games. As a result, their games typically feature the company's intriguing brand, known for its iconic shield and sword logo. These iconic symbols of defense and attack aptly signify the energy, strategy, and dynamism that permeate their interactive games.

What types of online Armor Games are there?

Armor Games boasts an incredibly diverse portfolio that spans multiple genres, including strategy, puzzle, adventure, action, shooting, and more. Despite its name, the company does not limit its productions to warfare or combat-oriented games, but explores a wide variety of themes and concepts.

The company is also known for sponsoring several major gaming projects, such as the Kingdom Rush series and Gemcraft, reinforcing its status as an industry giant. Armor Games also offers a unique feature where players can create their profile and not only play games, but also interact with other players.

In addition, the company places a high value on providing an excellent gaming experience with minimal intrusive advertising during gameplay. Quality graphics, aesthetic satisfaction and adaptability to various gaming devices are some of the other outstanding attributes of these Games. So whether you are battling angry robots, swerving and accelerating through chaotic traffic, or orchestrating an army of fierce athletes to victory, the world of online Armor games promises a thrilling encounter.

What you can learn in Armor Games

Aside from entertainment, Armor Games can also serve as an intuitive learning platform. Strategy, problem-solving, teamwork, and effective decision-making are some of the practical skills that can be honed while enjoying these games.

Best Online Armor Games

  • Tanks A Lot! - A fascinating competitive game where players customize and equip tanks with a variety of weapons and tools to fight against other players.
  • Jet Lancer - An aerial combat game set in a futuristic world equipped with advanced nanotechnology. Players undertake risky missions to intercept enemy aircraft.
  • NAUTICRAWL - A sci-fi game about escaping from a dangerous alien planet using an unfamiliar vehicle. Quick thinking and adaptability are the keys to survival.


In conclusion, free Armor games is not just a category, but a world of games. The company has challenged norms and pushed boundaries to deliver games that are not only fun to play, but also spark the imagination, challenge strategy, and offer an escape into diverse, adventurous realities! To experience this for yourself, head over to Armor Games and immerse yourself in exhilarating gaming adventures!