Funny Helicopter Memory

Funny Helicopter Memory

About game «Funny Helicopter Memory»

Funny Helicopter Memory is an extremely addicting logical game for children in which the main goal is to look at tiles and attempt to put them in couples. The game consists of four levels available in this game, the first of which is the simplest, and the fourth is the most complicated. Collect as many points as you can and save up game currency to open a new helicopter. When you enter the game, you will immediately be taken to the home screen, click on start and the game will go. You may utilize the mouse or the arrows on your keyboard to play. You are to perform one simple task in this game. You have to stack all the tiles in pairs. The controls in the game are as simple as they can be and there are a lot of different tips for inexperienced players! This game will teach you basic skills, which are very valuable for every person. Have a good game!

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