Drift Racer

Drift Racer

About game «Drift Racer»

Powerful motors and a large number of participants, each of whom strives to come to the finish line first, and at the same time drift as much as possible. Each of the tracks is closed and the fact that all this is happening in the city, do not scare you, since at this time the other adjacent roads will be closed, and people have long been asleep, because the race will begin after midnight. Only the one who can get ahead of his rivals on each of the closed streets will win. The game has decent graphics and pretty good physics, which almost realistically conveys the speed and drift of cars. So, the cars took their places at the start and are just waiting for the start signal. After the start signal sounds, start the race. To do this, hold down the gas pedal and try not to drop the gas until the very finish.

Watch how to play: