About game «Archero»

Archery is what assisted the Mongols while they were conquering Asian territories. Become an archer right now in the Archero game. Here, you play as a well-known elven archer, shooting at opponents from all sides. Aiming is optional - arrows shoot automatically. All you need to do is choose the correct position. This is simpler said than done. Various creatures will always try to assault the hero. Move your character across the stage, dodging shells and killing your opponents. Oh yeah, don't forget about the traps too! You don't need to just complete every level. You also upgrade your hero applying experience drops. Choose your own way and employ it. This RPG game will support any play style you select. However, regardless of talent, ability alone will matter. They don't pay for victory, everyone is equal. And if you lose, starting over is always easy. Find the best tactic for every course.

Watch how to play: