Viking Way

Viking Way

About game «Viking Way»

The life of a true Viking warrior is about military actions and a quick rest at home. Our hero in Viking Way has just come from another battle, and in the morning he is already getting prepared to participate in the next battle. But the poor warrior was so exhausted that he slept all day long. And when he opened his eyes, he realized that all his co-warriors had already set out for another war campaign. We'll need to find them, the character took his weapon, wore a helmet and went in pursuit. To cut his way he wanted to run through the woods. But he didn't consider that there could be hazardous traps. Assist the character and dexterously jump over sharp needle-like objects and hazardous traps set by villains. In the lower part of the screen there will be a scale, which shows the life of the character, do not let it be diminished to a minimum in Viking Way.

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