X–trial Racing 2

X–trial Racing 2

About game «X–trial Racing 2»

X–trial Racing 2 is an awesome car driving game where you can perform stunts in an open space high above the ground. You must overcome the stunt field and reach your destination to complete each level. Deadly curves and slopes await you ahead, make sure you can ride well to survive this game. The graphics in this game are made in a realistic setting. When the car falls off the stunt lane, it looks very realistic. A total of 10 difficult levels await you, each of which has a unique track built for you, which is based on a narrow path along which the car must move. Moving along this path, you can easily fall down, because there are no bumpers or restrictions on it. Not all players will be able to pass such a test, but only the most experienced drivers. During the game you will have to perform many jumps and tricks, so get ready!

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