Small Archer

Small Archer

About the game Small Archer

Step into the shoes of an archer in Small Archer, a casual browser-based online game. Armed with a traditional bow and arrows, your mission is to hit as many targets as possible with a precise bull's-eye shot. The game features a shooter on the left and targets of varying sizes on the right. Some targets are fixed at the top, while others are fixed at the bottom. Your goal is to hit the center of the scoreboard. A hit in the bull's-eye not only scores you a point, but also saves your arrow so you can continue shooting. The game ends when you've used up all your arrows, or when you've reached the point requirement of the test. Use your mouse or finger to aim and shoot. Enjoy the game, my friends!

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  • Archery World Tour: Travel the world and test your archery skills in different environments. Just like Small Archer, your goal is to hit the bull's-eye.

  • Archery King: This game challenges you to become the best archer in the world. It shares the same aiming and shooting mechanics as Small Archer.

  • Archery Master 3D: Experience the thrill of archery in 3D. Similar to Small Archer, you must hit the bull's-eye to score points and save your arrows.

What are the advantages of playing Small Archer

Playing Small Archer not only provides entertainment, but also helps to improve your hand-eye coordination and accuracy. The game's simple mechanics make it easy to pick up, but hitting the bull's-eye consistently requires skill and practice. The game also provides a sense of accomplishment as you strive to beat your high score. Whether you're an experienced archer or a beginner, Small Archer is sure to provide hours of fun and challenge.