Shark Bait iO

Shark Bait iO

About game «Shark Bait iO»

Imagine that you are a shark swimming on the ocean floor in search of food. In the beginning, you are a more puny individual compared to other relatives, but it is in your power to change everything. In the free online game Shark Bait iO you can help the shark get stronger, faster and bigger. But for this you have to go through many levels and catch a lot of fish. The gameplay is pretty simple. You control the movements of the fish and your main task is to catch as many fish as possible in the ocean. To do this, you just need to follow the movement of the character and guide him in the direction where it "bites" more. In the online game Shark Bait iO there are only three different locations in which the types and quantities of fish are different. But there are also dangerous fish in the ocean, which it is better not to encounter. For example, it is a swordfish or a hedgehog fish. Good luck!

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