Rugby Kicks

Rugby Kicks

About the game - Rugby Kicks

Step into the virtual world of an exciting rugby competition with Rugby Kicks. This game is not only about the sport, but also about precision, speed and strategy. As a player, you will be part of one of the twelve teams competing in the Rugby Championship. Your role? You control the player who aims and kicks the ball to the goal - a large sign in the middle of the field. This shield is color-coded, with red on the outside, green in the middle, and a yellow zone in between. To the right and above the shield are two scales, each with a moving slider. Your task is to use the mouse to stop the slider in the green triangle. The closer the slider is to the green triangles, the closer the ball will be to the center of the target, earning you bonus points. Each stage involves throwing a variety of balls, making Rugby Kicks a game of constant action and excitement.

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What are the benefits of playing Rugby Kicks

Rugby Kicks is not just a game, but a fun way to understand and appreciate the sport of rugby. It helps improve your accuracy and reaction time, skills that are useful not only in the game, but in real life as well. The game's unique scoring system, based on the position of the ball in the goal, adds an element of strategy and planning. With Rugby Kicks, you're not just playing, you're strategizing, planning, and improving your skills, all while having fun.