Monster Truck 2D

Monster Truck 2D

About game «Monster Truck 2D»

Monster Truck 2D is an extreme obstacle course racing game on a monster truck. Click on the car below to choose a monster truck model and color. Then, when you have saved up money, you can upgrade your car here. Next, click the arrow on the right, and then - the level number. To complete the level, you need to drive a car to the finish line. You will have to drive along steep hills, on the roofs of cars placed on the road, climb on trailers, jump from trampolines. All in all, a killer route awaits you. Try not to roll over the car. This takes away health, which is indicated by the bar in the upper right corner. Collect coins. Demonstrate us your excellent driving skills and perform various crazy stunts in order to impress the audience. We promise that you will have much fun when you play this game!

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