The bomberman games category contains games that can be ranked among the oldest computer games. These bomberman games have been around since before home computers existed.

What is the essence of bomberman games?

A little man walks across the playing field and sets bombs. Then he needs to move back to a safe distance before the bomb explodes. The little man sets up bombs in order to blow up the wall and free a passage for himself. Also, the bomberman can plant bombs in order to destroy the enemy who is heading to this place on the playing field.

The creator of bomberman games is Hudson Soft. The first game in this series was released in 1983. At first, bomberman games were installed on game consoles and slot machines, then appeared on home personal computers.

Later, the game became so popular that it appeared on all Internet platforms and mobile applications.

Bomberman games characters

Despite the fact that all the characters in bomberman games belong to the number of bomber men, they still differ. The main character is White Bomber, controlled by the player. This bomber man knows how to make bombs and stands to protect the safety of his planet.

Also in bomberman games there is Black Bomberman, which is the main enemy of the bomberman. Black Bomberman commits criminal acts, so White Bomber must confront him and stop his actions.

In competitive bomberman games, the rival of the bomberman is Bomberman Max, who constantly teases the protagonist, challenging him to competitions.

New versions of bomberman games

Since bomberman games are classics of the genre, today many developers have offered their own versions of this game. The new variants have kept the best of the classic version and have improved the game's graphics and gameplay.

Modern games can be played on any gaming platform. Games are equipped with a variety of plots, there are even 3D versions of the games.

At the dawn of their existence, bomberman games were called revolutionary, since they combined several game genres at once: logic puzzle, adventure, arcade, as well as elements of a custom role-playing game.

It is believed that games are among their fans of the older generation, who once played these games on primitive computers, and now continue to play out of desire to feel nostalgia.

But modern versions of bomberman games, with their modern graphics and interesting stories, attract representatives of the new generation. Since the new games are designed in accordance with modern standards, the new games turned out to be no less exciting and interesting.

The most common variant of bomberman games is an arcade maze with several difficulty levels and different types of bombs and gadgets. Also, the plots and locations in the gameplay can be different, so it will be interesting for the player to be in an unexpected place and see an unusual character in the role of the main character. In modern games, it became possible not only to accumulate bonuses, but also to spend them on improving the game or character skills.