Astronaut Games

Embark on stellar adventures with Desura's collection of astronaut games! From walking on distant moons to navigating through asteroid belts, these games capture the essence of human curiosity and the spirit of space exploration that has driven our ventures into space. As mankind has made significant strides in space exploration, landing on the moon, sending rovers to Mars, and reaching the far edges of our solar system, our fascination with the cosmos continues to grow.

Immerse yourself in scenarios where you can experience life as an astronaut, managing spacecraft operations, exploring alien landscapes, and overcoming challenges posed by the vast, unforgiving environment of space. Inspired by classic films like "E.T.," "Alien," and "Star Trek," which have shaped our views of extraterrestrial possibilities, Desura's astronaut games allow you to engage in interstellar travel, encounter alien species, and solve mysteries of the unknown.

Whether you're piloting a spacecraft through treacherous territories, constructing bases on other planets, or engaging in cosmic battles, these astronaut games offer a rich blend of strategy, adventure, and the thrill of exploration. Gear up for your mission, strap yourself into the cockpit, and prepare to discover what lies beyond our Earthly boundaries. Join the ranks of virtual astronauts on Desura and push the boundaries of your imagination into the outer reaches of space with our thrilling astronaut games.

What are the best free astronaut games for gadgets and desktops?

  1. Catac.IO
  2. Adam and Eve: Astronaut
  3. Dr. Rocket
  4. Tom And Jerry Among Us
  5. Crazy Gravity Space
  6. Interstellar Run
  7. Monsters Attack Impostor Squa
  8. Astronaut Steve
  9. Ungravity
  10. Space Astro