Smart Looter

Smart Looter

About game «Smart Looter»

An exciting multi-level online toy in which you have to help a clever thief not to fall into the hands of the patrolling policemen. Your task is to make the thief quietly walk across the room, take turns collecting all the objects and things, quickly get to the truck on the street and rush away. In fact, it is necessary to organize an incredible robbery under the noses of the police, because they already know exactly where the theft will take place. Despite the awareness of the law enforcement forces, our thief does not think to stop, so your help is very useful. To complete the level, you need to take with you not only paintings, but also furniture and even a carpet on which evil cops walk. Watch the actions of the patrol, calculate every step and know that at any moment the thief can hide in a large box so as not to attract attention. If you do everything quickly and carefully, then you can easily cope with any level. Try to go through as many levels as possible, don't let the police find a clever thief and have some fun.

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