Passion for anime games came to us from Japan. However, this genre is in demand and loved throughout Asia. And not only anime games, but also anime itself.

What is anime?

Anime - the so-called comics and cartoons that are released in Japan. Not everyone in the world can understand the charm of such cartoons and comics, but they are easily recognizable. The anime has specific graphics and interesting stories. And even the best animes are famous for such a detailed and talented rendering that they could very well be exhibited in some kind of art gallery.

Some animes became famous throughout the world, and their characters became real celebrities. It would be wrong to assume that only girls love anime games. Although such an opinion can be met very often. Among the boys, a lot of fans of anime. Boys like to draw in anime style.

What is the difference between anime and any other cartoons? Firstly, animes are focused not only on children's audiences, as is the case with cartoons in other countries. Among fans of anime, there are a lot of adults. This is due to the fact that the anime's plots are not at all childish.

What happened first: anime or manga?

At first, the first anime was create on the basis of manga, comics, or wound, that is, small novels. But now it’s hard to say which of this is the primary source: there are animes that are created on the basis of manga, but there are manga that are drawn after a certain plot has become famous as an anime. Sources for anime and manga are often even computer games.

The anime enthusiasm for teens and many adults in Asia is so great that many scientists are researching this phenomenon.

What are anime games

Games in the anime genre are focused on different age categories of players.

If this is anime games for girls, then they are represented by such genres as drawing games, dress up games. The heroines of these games are anime characters. People around the world know many of these characters. For example, Sailor Moon or Astroboy.

Modern anime games are made at a very high quality level: unmatched graphics, very beautiful landscapes, meticulous detail. Tokyo ghoul is one of the most modern anime games, it is a very beautiful and interesting game.

Interestingly, anime games for girls are not limited to female formats and categories. There are games for girls in the martial arts genre, fashion games and cooking simulations, there are many logic games and games to create an interior. Also anime games are presented in a variety of sports games. But since animes suggest a special method of drawing, the largest number of anime games is devoted specifically to drawing.

One variation of the anime games style is chibi games. Chibi are cute incarnations of already beloved and famous heroes. They also suggest a certain manner of drawing, therefore easily recognizable. Their cute appearance evokes a smile and a good mood.