Chess Mania

Chess Mania

About game «Chess Mania»

Chess Mania is a game in which you have to not only defeat your opponent, but also need to think carefully before making a move. Rules of the game are like in traditional chess. There are two players who play black and white pieces. Each piece can only make certain moves in a certain direction and on a certain number of cells. There are as many as 400 levels in this game, so whoever passes them all will be considered a true champion. During the game you can receive various rewards. The game is very easy to play: all you need to do is click first on the piece you want to move, and then on the cell among the suggested ones, on which you want to place this piece. To win a level, you must put a checkmate on your opponent. This game will not only make your free time fantastic and interesting, but also useful, because you will have the opportunity to develop your logical thinking.

Watch how to play: