Mary Knots: Garden Wedding Hidden Object

Mary Knots: Garden Wedding Hidden Object

About game «Mary Knots: Garden Wedding Hidden Object»

Welcome to Mary Knots: Garden Wedding Hidden Object game! Today you are lucky enough to be on the role of a wedding planner. Mary Knotts has long been involved in arranging wedding ceremonies and has been very successful in this. She has turned into a sought-after professional, and recently a talented girl was asked to work in her hometown. The girl decided to accept the invitation and went to the city of Orchids. There she has to arrange a magnificent wedding for a couple in love. Are you ready to assist her and arrange a real dream wedding for lovers? Then, get down to business! The main task of the game is to search for objects. You will look for different things for buyers and get paid for it. First of all, let's go to the attic. There is always a lot of old stuff buried there, but sometimes very useful things come across.

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