Basketball Star

Basketball Star

About game «Basketball Star»

To say that basketball is one of the most popular sports games is the same as to say that our planet is round, this is an obvious fact, you cannot argue with that. By the way, we were not going to argue, but just wanted to invite the fans of this game to play a few matches again and of course to show their skills! The game will begin immediately after the start, you should only practice managing your team, because basketball is a team game. True, in a team you will have a reduced number of players, and not like in real basketball, but it seems to us that three players will be quite enough. On the other side of the field, you will meet your opponent team, which also consists of three players. Everything else is identical to real basketball, you dribble the ball observing the rules of the game to the opponent's basket, trying to bypass the opponent's players, but be prepared for the fact that while overcoming the playing field, they will still take the ball away from you, in this case, be ready to take the ball away from the opponent while he didn't reach your basket and didn't earn a few points.

Watch how to play: