About Tactical Games

If you are a fan of computer games, you would know that there are numerous categories that these games fall into. Among these categories is one that not only provides an exciting gaming experience, but also imparts knowledge about the characteristics of military tactical science: the Tactical Games.

Tactical games encompass a wide variety of sub-genres, from strategy-based games to exciting first-person shooters. The essence of these games lies in their tactical gameplay. Players are challenged to think critically and strategically, making every move count.

These games have been around for years and have evolved dramatically with advances in technology. Developers are constantly striving to release more immersive and complex tactical games, each offering unique characteristics and features. These games are enjoyed by a wide range of gamers - from hardcore strategy enthusiasts to those who simply enjoy the perfect blend of action, strategy, and tactical decision-making.

What types of tactical games are there?

Tactical games vary in their gameplay, storylines, and mechanics. Here are some popular types:

  • Strategic Shooters: These games focus on tactical and strategic combat. Precision and speed of shooting are as important as the combat methods used.
  • Tactical Role-Playing Games (TRPG): These games require the player to make tactical decisions during combat. TRPGs often feature larger battles than traditional RPGs and provide a more detailed view of the battlefield.
  • Real-Time Tactics (RTT): This subgenre involves tactical battles that take place in real time. Players are required to make timely strategic decisions under pressure.

What can you learn in tactical games?

Tactical games are a great way to develop strategic thinking, resource management, and decision-making skills. They teach players the art of war and how to execute different battle strategies. Through these games, players can learn the importance of tactics and strategy in overcoming challenges.

Best Online Tactical Games

Here are five popular tactical games you might want to try:

  1. XCOM 2: This turn-based tactical game is known for its complex gameplay and intriguing storyline.
  2. Tactics 2: This turn-based tactical game is known for its complex gameplay and intriguing storyline.
  3. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege: Known for its strategic and tactical shooter gameplay, this game rewards players who think before they shoot.
  4. Into The Breach: This turn-based strategy game challenges players by pitting them against giant monsters.
  5. Fire Emblem: Three Houses: This is a fun and challenging tactical role-playing game where players must make strategic decisions.
  6. Total War: Warhammer II: This mix of real-time strategy and turn-based tactical warfare provides a unique gaming experience.


In conclusion, tactical games offer a complex yet rewarding gaming experience. Whether you are a fan of strategic shooters, TRPGs, or RTTs, there is a tactical game for you. With their immersive gameplay, interesting mechanics, and strategic challenges, Tactical Games truly prove that they are more than just games - they are a learning experience.