Batman Shadow Combat

Batman Shadow Combat

About game «Batman Shadow Combat»

Welcome to Gotham. This gloomy city is fraught with many secrets and hides in its alleyways shadows that belong to criminals, bandits and supervillains. There was not a single day that the inhabitants of Gotham slept peacefully. But in this city there is a superhero who always stands guard over fairness and justice. His name is Batman. In the stealth game Batman Shadow Combat, you will find a great action adventure game. The Joker has mined four of Gotham's largest warehouses with his "funny" gas bombs. If they are not neutralized, then everything will end! To save the city, Batman calls on the superhero Batgirl for help and they go in search of bombs. You can play any hero - Batman or Batgirl. As soon as you get to the warehouse you need to get to the gas bomb, but do it so that the guards will not notice you. Also, avoid the red beams of the safety system. Otherwise, the Joker will find out about your infiltration into the warehouse and the mission will fail.

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