Miss Charming Unicorn: Hairstyle

Miss Charming Unicorn: Hairstyle

About game «Miss Charming Unicorn: Hairstyle»

There will be a competition at the school tonight, in which every girl, who, of course, takes part in it, will show how well she knows the story of unicorns and how she can embody this image on herself. The contest is called Miss Charming Unicorn: Hairstyle, where the main emphasis, as you understand, was on the hairstyle. By the way, the game, as you understand, is more suitable for the female audience of our users, so they would not be hurt by the experience of creating an unusual style and image, in which you can come not only to the competition, but also to the costume party. Several girlfriends decided to surprise everyone at the competition and went to the sorceress who constantly communicates with unicorns and cares for them, feeds, drinks, cleans and makes amazing hairstyles. But today the sorceress flew with the unicorns to their country, so you will have to use magic to prepare the girls for the competition.

Watch how to play: