Merge Star

Merge Star

About game «Merge Star»

Merge Star is a powerful energetic event associated with the collision of two massive bodies. Typically, its consequences can be dangerous to the universe. In Merge Star, the stars also converge, but slightly differently. One of them will be a brave warrior and his loyal subject - a squire slug. This team will fight monsters around the world, personifying the struggle between good and evil. The player will be on the side of the warrior: he will have to upgrade his characteristics, acquire new weapons or synthesize them in an anvil. A brave warrior sets out on a campaign with his faithful squire - a slug. He will bravely defeat his enemies, but needs constant upgrades. Upgrade your hero, combine weapons on a special anvil to get the best samples. Increase the characteristics of a warrior. Over time, the enemies will become stronger and more dangerous, so do not forget to give the fighter the best armor and weapons so that he can deal with them in no time.

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