The name basketball games comes from two words - "basket" and "ball", which explain the rules of this game. The ball should be in the basket, and if it is not there, then it needs to be put there or thrown.

Basketball Games Rules

This is a team game, according to the rules of which the team must throw the ball into the basket, located on half of the opponent. The opposing team is not interested in having a ball in its basket, so it will create a variety of obstacles.

It's simple, but basketball games is one of the most difficult and most popular games in the world. No wonder this game was included in the Olympics program in 1936 and was even invited to attend the first games of the inventor of this game, James Naismith. Since then, the World and European Championships have been held annually, the FIBA Cup and other international basketball competitions are also popular.

The USA is the country in which basketball games are most developed. The world famous NBA championship has been holding the title of the strongest national club tournament in the world for half a century. Lithuania called games its national sport.

History of basketball games

The fact that the game invented by James Naismith would achieve such success, the inventor himself could not even dream of. The inventor's goal was to come up with a sport in which there would be a wooden basket and a ball, but so that this sport was not as dangerous as American football. This was in the late nineteenth century. Basketball flourished during the First World War: soldiers loved to play it. And after the war, the influence of basketball games spread to students.

It happened in the American city of Springfield (Massachusetts), where the Christian college was located. The students were terribly bored all the time in physical education classes to perform one continuous gymnastics. Then teacher James Naismith set fruit baskets to the balcony railing, divided the students into teams and gave the task to throw as many balls as possible into each basket. And for excitement, he suggested throwing balls into the opponents' basket.

The teacher didn’t have such an idea from anywhere: as a child, he played the game “duck-on-a-rock”, in which there was a similar idea, only in it it was necessary to get a stone into a larger stone, which was on a raised platform.

And the rules of women's basketball games were developed by Senda Berenson, who worked as a physical education teacher at one of the colleges of the same US state of Massachusetts.

Online video basketball games

When the industry of online video games began to develop widely, the developers immediately turned their attention to games. The first such games appeared as an arcade, where a trackball was used to move a player across the field. It was a game for one and two players. This game was simply called Basketball. She went down in history also by the fact that in this game there was such a characteristic as an inclined image. Later it became characteristic of all arcades.

The second “Hoop Fever” game appeared on the basketball games market, also an arcade game where all that was required of the player was to throw the ball into the basket while the time was running. The more goals in the basket, the more points the player will earn.