Hair is the adornment of every person. While men and boys do not attach much importance to their hair, for girls and women hair is an important component of their image.

With the right hairstyle, you can create such a unique image with which every girl will feel like a real princess. We suggest doing this at hair games.

What did our ancestors think about hair and its properties?

The hair games category is one of the most popular among girls games. This is easy to explain. Such an attitude to one's own hair has developed for a long time. In fairy tales and legends of any nation, you can find interesting stories about hair and signs that are associated with hair. Almost all ancient peoples believed that the life force of a person was preserved in the hair.

Today hair cutting is something everyday and commonplace, but earlier the ancient peoples believed that hair should be cut in compliance with special rituals. The first time a person was cut only after reaching a certain age.

In many fairy tales, villains, in order to cause trouble for the protagonist or deprive him of vitality, secretly cut off their hair. At hair games, you can get down to cutting or styling your hair quite formally. In these games, you can learn a lot from the profession of a hairdresser.

The profession of a hairdresser and barber

A person who knew how to cut hair and create hairstyles was considered a respected professional since ancient times. Such people knew the secrets associated with cutting hair, and followed certain rituals.

Also hairstyle creation was accompanied by certain manipulations. Many of the hair accessories we now use every day had a special meaning.

In many peoples and cultures, women tend not to show their hair to society, so they only walk with their heads uncovered with their families, putting on a headscarf when they go outside.

Many fairy tales related to hair have come down to us: "Rapunzel", "Goldilocks", "Barbara-beauty, long braid". Hair games were created on the basis of these fairy tales, as well as on the basis of many other plots.

What types of games are there in the hair games category?

If you choose hair games, then you will have the opportunity to learn all kinds of skills and abilities that relate to hair.

You will learn how to take care of your hair, because even the most talented and creative hairstyle will not look good on unhealthy, dull, thin and brittle hair.

You will learn how to make interesting haircuts, find out what types of haircuts are available, see what stages each haircut consists of. This may be useful to you in your future professional career.

You can also learn how to create beautiful hairstyles and styles, use accessories and interesting jewelry. You can create themed hairstyles that will complete the look of your model: wedding hairstyles, hairstyles for a party or an important event in life, current and trendy summer hairstyles.
You will also learn how to treat hair, try yourself as a trichologist - a doctor who deals with the treatment of diseases related to hair.