What kind of games are hiding under the name carmel games? How do they differ from everyone else?

Why is it worth paying attention to? About this and much more - in more detail.

Who are carmel games?

This is the name of the site, which contains a huge collection of games from the developer of the same name. The headquarters of this wonderful talented team is located in Israel, in Haifa. Everyone who has ever looked at their website or met carmel games on the Internet will undoubtedly remember the unique interesting design of these games, the special drawing style, and many more interesting and funny stories of carmel games.
Game developers and creators of the site invite users to step along with them on an adventure in which you will definitely enjoy it.

Having appeared on the market quite recently, the guys from carmel games made a lot of noise with their unique interesting and stylish games. Now they are included in the list of the most popular developers, although they have not so many games themselves yet.

What games are on the carmel games website?

The creators of the site and carmel games are presented to users as two people who create real game magic while sitting in a dusty garage on the outskirts.

The authors of carmel games claim that their games guarantee everyone a fun adventure that will be a real break from reality.

The peculiarity of these games is that they are created according to the type of those adventure games that were very popular a couple of decades ago. As the games that inspired them to create carmel games, the creators called Monkey Island, Legend of Kyrandia, Discworld, Sam & Max and many others.

The creators themselves grew up on such games, and now they tried to create something in the same style.

The diverse world of carmel games

Guys Or and Moti claim that among carmel games you will find a trip around the island, games in the style of arcades and rpg games, and games in which you will need to perform a variety of tasks.

In games of this category, ghost meetings and challenging puzzles are waiting for you.

All games in this category are divided by direction. There are oki games where you will meet ghosts and play a detective story, invent your own elixir of immortality and look for a cat with a strange old woman. There are also adventure games in which you have to run, shoot, hide and participate in races, get scared and laugh, collect unnecessary and necessary trash, and you also have to include all your analytical abilities to solve the riddles that the game throws you.

Also, the creators of the site presented on the site mobile games, which have already been appreciated by lovers of mobile games around the world.
The creators of the site collaborate with goodgame studios, which needs no introduction. You know this online game developer company by its famous game goodgame big farm, as well as by games such as goodgame legends of honor and goodgame empire.

All the games that are presented on the site are unique and interesting both in their performance and in the plot.