What is most difficult for children at school? Of course, the multiplication table. In childhood memories, only a few of us can say that the multiplication table was given to them easily and simply. Everyone else had to spend many days and nights over it.

What are multiplication games for?

Games in the genre of multiplication were invented just in order to help children learn the multiplication table. But, unlike schoolwork, the learning process will be fun and interesting, and the company will make up your favorite characters from cartoons and movies.

Multiplication games provide an opportunity not only to learn the multiplication table, but also to test yourself how strong your knowledge was.
There is one important principle, following which your child will study well and have high maths: he should know the multiplication table so well that he will give the correct answers automatically. Multiplication games are of great help in memorizing multiplication tables.

What are the types of multiplication games?

Games in the genre of multiplication games are divided into several types.

There are educational multiplication games. In such games, you will be taught the multiplication table. The game learning process is built sequentially, gradually, leaving time and opportunity for consolidating knowledge, repeating exercises.

There are also training games in which the player is given the opportunity to learn the multiplication table, go through the training process to consolidate the knowledge gained. Any knowledge is secured through constant training and exercise.

There are also games that are aimed at educating the child to use the acquired knowledge in practice. In such games, they offer to complete multiplication tasks, solve funny puzzles, or solve a puzzle that can only be solved if you know the multiplication table.

There are controlling games that are designed to test the level of knowledge of the player’s multiplication table. Such games have the character of a test, where game tasks are structured in such a way that the player will not be able to achieve the goal of the game until he gives the correct answers.

There are also combined multiplication games in which the learning process is combined with the controlling process, and options for training in the acquired knowledge are proposed.

Multiplication games is a learning experience that is fun and vibrant.

In the genre of multiplication games, developmental games are usually represented. With their help, young children in a playful way can learn the simplest arithmetic operations. This helps a lot in their studies at school.

Despite the fact that the multiplication table appeared a long time ago, during the time of Pythagoras, therefore its second name is the “Pythagorean Table”, it still remains the main element on which the whole science of arithmetic is based.

Therefore, paying attention to the study of the multiplication table is not only possible, but also necessary.

Teachers will not blame your child for spending all his free time playing games if he plays games. This is just the case when the longer you play, the greater the benefit.