Playing war games online is exciting. But to find out from within how a real army works is, of course, a completely different matter.

Army games provide an opportunity to look into the army and find out how things really are there. What does it mean to be a soldier in the army. And, of course, what it means to be a general.

Welcome to army games

If you have already been in the army, then you know what it means to be a soldier. But if you do not yet know how the army is built from the inside, then you have a chance to prepare mentally before becoming a soldier.

A soldier is a discipline and a strict daily routine. These are physical activities and drill training. This is the readiness at any moment to defend the homeland and give their lives in battle.

And the soldiers are good friends whom you meet in the soldiers’ barracks, and then you keep this friendship all your life. This is an excellent physical preparation, the ability to withstand heavy loads. This is a chance to improve your health and learn how to use weapons.

What are army games?

Since the modern world is constantly living under the threat of war, modern army games take into account the international situation. This section contains games of all possible genres on the theme of the army.

These are army and shooting simulators, fighting games and quests. And it’s also an adventure, because any war is a cruel adventure, when you face many different dangers.

We live in an age of space development, therefore, the modern army also includes space troops.

If you choose army games, it means that you will learn about the latest inventions of weapons, and you will even have a chance to try these weapons in practice. The modern arsenal even has digital revolvers, laser rifles, and invisible aircraft in service.

Who is the main character of army games?

If you play army games, then the main character of this game is you. You can be a soldier, and then all the way in the army you have to start from scratch. You will be one of many, but if you try hard, then you will succeed in breaking up. For success in the service of soldiers, he can be promoted to commander.

The commander is also the main character in army games. He has a great responsibility, and not only for his actions, but also for those soldiers whom he was trusted. The commander must think for everyone and make decisions for everyone.

Another main character of army games is the army general. This is the most important person in the army. He will lead the whole army into battle, if suddenly the enemy attacks the motherland. The general thinks and decides for all soldiers, for all commanders, and in general for the entire state in wartime. And it is precisely on it that the responsibility for the security of the whole country lies.

What kind of troops are you interested in in army games? In this category you can try yourself in infantry and in aviation, you can become a sailor on a warship or go reconnaissance. You can take control of the tank or go to serve in the space forces.