The dominoes games category contains all the variations of the online domino game, which is a well-known board game. Dominoes games have a long history and simple rules, as well as a multi-million army of fans. The essence of domino games is to build a chain of dice on which the images of dots are applied in a certain amount.

History of dominoes games

The researchers call the homeland of dominoes games China, where they first began to make special bone plates for the game, on which dots were applied with red or white paint. For the first time, such records, like the mention of the game of dominoes, date back to the 13th century. In China itself, the game is still very popular, but we are talking about the original Chinese version of dominoes, which differs from the generally known one.

These differences were most significant when the game was brought to Italy, where the game was named domino.

In the world of dominoes games is widespread. They even hold a world championship in this game since 2003.

Dominoes games rules

Two, three or four people can play dominoes games. If two people are playing, then they each deal with seven dice, if three or four people, then each of them has five dice. The rest of the dominoes remain in reserve for now. The player who has a 1: 1 die starts. If no one has such a combination, then they take any other similar double, but not an empty 0: 0 double, from which one cannot begin to move.

If no one has a double on his hands, then the one who has the bone with the lowest score starts to walk: 0: 1.

Then the players place their dice so that one half contains a number similar to one of the indicators on the half of the dice. If the player does not have a suitable bone, then he takes an additional bone in the reserve until a suitable one falls into his hands.

If the reserve runs out of tiles, then the player skips his turn.

What is the secret to the popularity of dominoes games?

There are more than forty varieties of dominoes games in the world. They differ in the color of the dice, in their names, in the rules of the game.

A huge army of fans of online dominoes games is growing every year, because the dignity of dominoes is undeniable.

This game belongs to the category of logic games, so there are a lot of people who want to train the brain, memory and attention. The online games option is convenient because you don't need to carry knuckles with you to play the game. Also, you do not need to look for someone else to play the game - you can always play with a computer or with a virtual opponent, and you can also play online.

Since initially the main advantage of playing dominoes people called the possibility of communication, then online dominoes games should not be underestimated: if you chose the online option, then a person from any corner of the world can become your partner in the game. This means that the possibility of communication increases many times over.