Underwater Bicycle Racing

Underwater Bicycle Racing

About game «Underwater Bicycle Racing»

Welcome to Underwater Bicycle Racing! You have a bike, scuba gear and two-wheeled vehicle driving skills. What else do you need to win underwater racing? You ride your bike among giant fish swimming by and beautiful underwater landscapes. Keep a close eye on the timer and oxygen levels in your scuba gear. As soon as the tank is empty, immediately return to the base to replenish its supplies. Also, make sure to stay on the platform, otherwise you will become the prey of marine predators. Spin the pedals, set records on the underwater cycle track, become the champion of this exciting game! At first, only one cyclist will be available to you. To open access to other athletes, you need to score a certain number of points. To do this, you need to collect shells with precious stones during the arrival. There are many exciting underwater levels ahead.

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