Taxi is a separate form of public transport. It is hard to imagine that there are people who do not know what a taxi is. It seems that in moments of haste, each of us resorted to taxi services.

Taxi driver is a profession to try at taxi games

The taxi games category features a huge number of different plots and genres. But among them the most popular is the taxi simulator genre. In such games you have the opportunity to feel like a taxi driver, learn the delights of this profession from the inside.

When a taxi driver starts his day, he is ready for anything. Anything can happen in a day:

- you can be sent to a city that you have never been to, if the client asks to take him there,

- your passengers can be so noisy and ill-mannered that by the end of the trip you will have a headache, and you will never behave in a taxi noisy and uncivilized again, if, of course, you have ever done so,

- your car can get lost in the middle of narrow streets, and you have to get out of there using the map,

- you may be invited to participate in taxi races, and then you will conquer the tracks with your charming yellow car.

What genres of taxi games do we have

The quest genre is represented by taxi games, in which a taxi car needs to travel along a given route in the shortest possible time. The route runs through streets full of pedestrians and congested cars, so the taxi route will not be easy. But the player's task is to keep within the allotted time and collect bonuses that will come along the way.

Classic taxi car races, air taxi races from science fiction films and underwater taxi races represent the genre of racing.

The genre of taxi car simulators is represented by many different taxi games of all difficulty levels. Your instructor in a taxi can be a famous movie hero from a movie about Taxi or cartoon cars from a Disney cartoon.

The genres of drawing and coloring are represented by creative crazy taxi in which you have to come up with a design for a taxi car and make it in your own style.

There are also many logical and educational taxi games that are fun and interesting to play.

Interesting facts about crazy taxi

The history of taxis began in France in the 18th century, when an innkeeper began renting fiacre - hired carriages. They became the first taxis in the world.

In Australia, there is still a law that taxi drivers are required to carry an armful of hay in the trunk. This law was passed back in the days when taxis had carriages with horses, and cabmen were supposed to carry hay with them to feed the horse if it suddenly gets hungry. Taxis have long turned into cars, but no one has changed the law yet.

There is one taxi driver in India who only drives in reverse gear. The amazing taxi that only moves backwards is a real attraction.