We bet: there are many fans of farming games among your relatives! Perhaps you do not even know about it. Perhaps they secretly play farming games in their social networks and achieve considerable results!

What is farming games?

This category includes games that are a farm simulator. In such games you have the opportunity to introduce yourself as a farmer and take responsibility for farming.

Games of the farming games category are made in the sandbox genre, that is, the character, falling into the game world, is left to his own devices. The game process requires that the player engage in agricultural activities: sow and grow plants, raise animals, engage in logging and produce energy for his farm. Also, the character’s game goals include making a profit from his farming activities.

Purpose of farming games

In games of this category there is no end goal. The high realism and thought-out world of farming games allows the player to engage in the gameplay indefinitely, moving from level to level, but there is no final victory in such games. The gameplay is looped and endless.

The quality of the design and rendering of such games is very high, as well as the detailing of the equipment. The player has the ability to create custom modifications. In such games there is a built-in editor of both the character and all elements of the game. Since the developers of farming games actively support the desire of players to create their own modifications of the game, companies that produce such games regularly update the functions and capabilities of the editor.

Also, many user-created modifications exist on the Internet, but they do not reach the level of quality of game producers, but they foster user interest in farming games.

Gameplay farming games

When the user starts the game, he has only a small piece of land and a modest park of agricultural equipment. Also, at the very beginning of the game, he is given a starting capital. At the initial stages of the game, the user can only cultivate the land and earn money for the development of his farm by farming.

Performing simple mandatory game actions, the player reaches the first results and grows the first crop. He needs to plow the land, sow seeds, fertilize them, and then harvest. Harvest needs to be realized.

The higher a player achieves a higher level due to his profit, acquires more modern equipment and seeds that have a higher germination rate, the wider range of opportunities opens up before him.

At higher levels of farming games, the character has the opportunity to engage in animal husbandry, to try himself in logging. Also, with the money received from the harvest, the character can acquire static objects, which also bring profit. Under his expenses, the player can take a loan from the bank. You can also sell crops not immediately, but when prices in the market will be more profitable.

In farming games there is an opportunity to speed up playing time in order to bring the moment of ripening and harvesting closer. The game also takes into account changes in weather conditions, so the player needs to be prepared for the fact that rain can ruin the harvest season or move it away, and hail can destroy the shoots.