This category contains games, the plot of which is devoted to an interesting sport called karting.

What are karts?

Karting is a sport in which the main vehicle is a kart or a racing car without a body. Such cars can be found in amusement parks as an attraction, and can also be seen in sports centers and clubs.

The kart games category contains games for all categories of players, including the smallest children who are just starting to master karts.

Since the kart race car is simple in design, its engine is rather weak. The original karts were just that. But they had a serious drawback: the pilot of the kart was not protected in any way, since the kart did not provide any security measures. In this regard, karting was a fairly cheap sport, since such cars were inexpensive.

Gradually, karting cars began to be made more perfect, stylish and safe, but from this they became more expensive.

History of kart games

The sport of karting has its roots in American history after the end of World War II. At this time, American military pilots liked to arrange comic races right on the airfield. For these races, they used carts to carry aerial bombs. Only military pilots could participate in such competitions, but information about such a new form of entertainment spread beyond the airfield. After some time, Art Ingles, who in the past was a military pilot, and after the war got a job as a mechanic in a company that produced racing cars, came up with his own model of a racing kart, which had a very simple design. The kart was first introduced at races in 1956, and critics immediately mockingly called the car a cart.

But the public liked this invention so much that a year later a kart company was founded. The go-karts were in such great demand that the company could afford to build a dedicated go-kart stadium or go-kart track.

Just four years later, karting was recognized as an official sport, and four years later, the first world championship in this sport took place in Rome.

Karting exploded in popularity in 2007.

What kart games do we have?

The kart games category contains games for users of all ages. You can get started with this fun way of getting around with simple kart driving training simulators to get familiar with kart cars and learn how to drive them.

If you have achieved high results in driving karting, then you can join our kart races, competitions in which the atmosphere of the stadium is very realistic and detailed.

Since kart games are not only a sport, but also a great way to have fun, you can enjoy kart games in a wide variety of genres, and you will definitely love them all.

Games in this category have a variety of interesting locations: a go-kart track can run through forests or deserts, you can race in your car along a narrow mountain path over a cliff. The characters of such games can be both athletes and cartoon characters that you love and know very much.