Pirate Adventure

Pirate Adventure

About game «Pirate Adventure»

Pirate Adventure is a fun puzzle game in which you become a brave sea pirate plowing the seas in search of profit and legendary treasures! Suddenly, an unknown pirate ship appeared on the horizon, the deck of which was filled with dozens of living dead. They are rapidly heading in your direction, clearly not having the best intentions. You have no choice but to take on the battle by boarding their ship. But as it turns out, you don't even have to use your saber to deal with them. All you need is dexterity and quick wits! Push stupid zombies into various deadly traps or throw them overboard! To perform any action, click on the character with the left mouse button and select the direction, trajectory, and the strength of the jump. The game has 20 exciting levels filled with many different traps and interesting tasks.

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