Ragdoll games is an amazing world, completely new for most users, which has gradually turned into an extensive gaming direction and has won many fans.

The name of this game genre comes from the words rag and doll. And this very well describes the essence of this genre.

Ragdoll - a way of computer animation

The name of a specific way to create computer animation formed the basis of a whole genre of computer games. Representatives of this genre are three-dimensional games. A characteristic feature of such games is the specific movements of the characters. These special features are most clearly presented when the character falls or flies. Using this kind of animation, designers attempt to reproduce the principles of physics in real time. To make this realistic, graphic editors use linking connections between the parts of the characters' bodies.

Ragdoll games are easily recognizable by the way the character behaves when flying or falling. At such moments, he can take strange and unnatural poses, as if he were a rag doll. This is very different from human behavior in similar situations in real life, because it is more realistic when the characters have muscles and joints that are stiffer.

Where you can meet the Ragdoll Games graphics principle?

There are a number of games created by the principle of ragdoll physics. These are games such as Mount and Blade (in this game, when you kill an enemy, he takes terrible and strange poses), FlatOut (this is a racing simulator, and if at the time of an accident the driver of a racing car crashes out of it, then his flight and landing are just performed according to the laws of physics ragdoll).

You can also call Skyrim (in this game, when Dovakin falls off his horse, his pose is strange and unnatural, like a rag doll, and when in the process of fighting you can throw the robbers off the mountain, they roll and land so ridiculously that they cause an involuntary the player’s laughter), as well as the Painkiller game, in which we are given an example of perfectly drawn ragdoll physics: despite the fact that this game was released back in 2004, nobody has managed to create more ideal ragdoll physics on the screen or in a mobile game.

There were also examples of how the principles of ragdoll physics were used incorrectly or unsuccessfully, and those games where it was applied failed. One such game is Thief: Deadly Shadows. Despite the fact that all ragdoll physics is an example of the absurdity of poses and movements, in this game the authors managed to look ridiculous against the background of absurdities.

Why do people love ragdoll games?

The reasons for the popularity of the genre are not entirely clear to specialists. Apparently, people's attachment to this kind of graphics has its roots in urban street theaters, when it was fun to watch the rag dolls in the hands of the puppet master, and they were a little sorry.

In any case, this type of game has a lot of fans around the world, therefore those sections of gaming sites where the best ragdoll games are collected are always actively visited by Internet users.

If you recommend the games that are the most interesting in this genre, you can pay attention to the game STALKER, in which the animation in the style of ragdoll games is used very concisely.