The burger games category contains games that will really appeal to everyone who loves burger. Also, such games will attract lovers of cooking.

Delicious burger is the main character of burger games

What is a burger or hamburger, probably everyone knows. This is a special sandwich that uses a bun instead of bread, which is cut in half and the filling is put inside. The filling of the burger consists of cutlets, sauces, green lard, onions, tomatoes and other vegetables.

The assortment of burgers in shops and cafes, as well as online burger games, has many varieties. The most common type of burger is the classic burger with pork cutlet in the filling.

Among the most popular types of burgers are a cheeseburger with cheese in the composition, a fishburger with a fish cutlet, and a chicken burger with a chicken cutlet. Also, among the types of burgers, you can find a burger without meat at all, it is called a gardenburger or a veggie burger. For those who love tofu, there is tofibruger, which has tofu instead of meat. There is also a burger in which an egg is placed instead of meat - this is an eggburger.

Burger history

As the name implies, such a now-known dish as a hamburger has its historical roots in Germany, specifically in the city of Hamburg. Although the burger was invented in America. Namely in Kansas, where the White Castle firm once made hamburgers its main dish and set a price of 5 cents on them. It happened in 1921, and since then the price of the burger has not changed until 1946.

Gradually, people began to doubt how healthy the burger is for the body. In order to dispel these doubts, the owners of the company hired special people who donned white coats and bought burgers in the general queue. People around came to the conclusion that since doctors buy and eat burgers, then this is healthy food.

Even before the whole world fell in love with burgers, White Castle had a huge number of competitors. McDonald’s became one of these competitors. Through this company, the whole world learned about and loved burgers.

There are several burger-related records. In 2010, the world's largest burger was prepared in Serbia in the city of Leskovac. The bun for this burger alone weighed twenty-nine kilograms.

What burger games do we have?

The most popular genre of burger games is the genre of cooking games in which you will have the opportunity to learn how to cook burgers in a real fast food restaurant or cafe. You will learn the whole process of making a burger, learn how to cook different types of burgers.

There are also economic burger games in which you, as a cafe owner, will have to start your business from scratch: starting with cooking a few burgers, you can gradually build a whole empire of bergers.

Of course, we have great action games in which the burger is the main character of the game. Your restless burger travels through the shelves of kitchen cabinets or along the conveyor belt in the factory, coping with a variety of obstacles and obstacles.