Among all online games devoted to anime, goku games occupy a special place. These are games in which the main character is Kakarotto, nicknamed Son Goku. This modest boy himself had no idea that he would turn into a tough hero.

Who is Son Goku - the main character of goku games?

Son Goku, a boy with a tail like a monkey, lives in a universe called "Dragon Ball". His home is in the mountains. Goku is not a human being, but a descendant of an alien called the Saiyan. From them, Goku inherited supernatural powers. After that, Goku trained for a long time, and he managed to develop the ability to use the latent energy of the Chi body. Goku also possesses supernatural speed, great physical strength, and the ability to teleport.

The Son Goku character is the most popular anime character of all time. All fans of the anime genre know his incarnation of Super Saiyan. Besides this, Goku can transform:

- into the big monkey Oozaru when he looks at the full moon,
- into the state of Kayoken, when Goku's powers and abilities increase so much that he can defeat even those opponents who are much stronger than him,
- in Imaginary Super Saiyan.

Goku is also known for the Dragon Ball series, in which he repeatedly turned into a variety of transformations.

Online goku games

All goku games are related to the Dragon Ball series, in which the main character Goku is a martial artist. Therefore, Goku is a favorite character for online game creators.

Goku has all the qualities that make him the most successful character in computer games. Goku owns many martial arts, runs fast, perfectly controls any vehicles. Goku has a lot of enemies, with whom he constantly has to fight.

Goku is also a big fashionista, he changes his outfits all the time, likes to look the coolest, even though he grew up in a small village.

What kinds of goku games we have

There are so many different genres and directions in the goku games category. Each of your family will be able to find a game according to their interests. Many films and TV series have been filmed based on the anime about Goku, but a huge number of goku games have also been created.
Many goku games repeat anime in their plot, so these are fantasy and fighting games. You can choose to play one-on-one or pair-on-pair. In fighting or fighting games, you can control the character of Goku as he opposes monsters in different planets.

But with the character Goku there are also many sports games - hockey and football simulators, tennis and martial arts championships.

Also goku games can be represented by the quest and adventure genre, detective games and space adventure games.

Girls will also find interesting goku games for themselves: since Goku is a big mod, he often becomes a hero in dress up games. There are also many creative goku games - drawing and coloring books, as well as logic and educational games with Goku.