This category of games contains those in which the leading character is henry stickmin. Who is he and why are such interesting and exciting games dedicated to him? It's time to get to know this unique character.

Henry Stickmin is a unique personality in the world of black men

Most of the developers and designers of computer games pay great attention to the graphics of the game. The skill of the designers and the quality of the graphics grows every year. The artists try to make the games as realistic as possible.

But there are also such developers and designers who took the path of minimalism and made the graphics of their games very simple, but the plots of these games themselves are exciting and interesting. The second type of developer includes the authors of henry stickmin games.

Henry Stickmin belongs to the class of black men - this is a type of graphic representation of heroes that are created using several black lines.

Who loves henry stickmin games?

Users of online games unexpectedly love the schematic representation of a little man. Those who are fed up with cool 3D images are especially fond of this style of graphics.

On games like henry stickmin games, the eye rests, the player does not need to be distracted by looking at the many details of the game and can devote all his attention to the process of the game, solving problems and achieving goals.

The Stickmin games series' most popular games feature Henry Stickmin as the primary character. Henry Stickmin is a nice individual.

This small man has both terrible and humorous days in his life, when he is plagued by failures and when fantastic and unexpectedly joyful events occur. henry stickmin games plots.

Plots henry stickmin games

Because Henry works for the special services, he is frequently required to work at the police station. Therefore, some of the plots of henry stickmin games are devoted specifically to detective stories. With Henry's build, it is quite easy to spy on a criminal and hide in ambush: his slender figure is difficult to see among trees or poles.

Also a very common plot of henry stickmin games are stories in which Henry acts as a criminal and begins to rob banks or shops. Henry doesn't really like this role, so he resorts to it only as a last resort: when the service requires it.

One of the henry stickmin games is dedicated to the famous incident when Henry decided to escape from the West Mesa prison. In this story, events unfold both in the prison itself and outside it. Henry manages to steal a very expensive and rare diamond - a diamond from Tunisia. After Henry manages to pull off such a complex case, he is recognized as the most famous and tough criminal.

Henry has a huge assortment of roles, and he does them all well. You can see for yourself by taking a look at our selection of henry stickmin games. You will find logic puzzles and exciting shooters, interesting adventures and games in the genre of their prison escape. You will also have the opportunity to meet Henry's friend and assistant, whose name is Charlie.