Infinitely cute penguins! How can they leave someone indifferent? You've seen penguins in zoos and even in a circus. And now you have the opportunity to see them and make friends with them in penguin games.

Main characters in penguin games

Penguins are easy to recognize by their interesting outfit. They are like important gentlemen, dressed in a tailcoat, a little clumsy. And although you won't find penguins in ordinary life, there are a lot of them on the planet. Despite their cute appearance, penguins are predators.

Penguins on earth are one of the oldest animals, because the first penguins appeared in Antarctica seventy million years ago! Just think: penguins have seen dinosaurs. And if they could speak, they could tell a lot of interesting things.

Interesting facts about penguins in the plots of penguin games

In nature, penguins have few enemies. Although they are predators, they are not aggressive. But penguins do not like killer whales, they are their worst enemies in nature.

Penguins are very friendly to people. Therefore, they became the heroes of computer penguin games: penguins know how to get along with people.
Penguins don't have ears, but they hear much better than other creatures on the planet. For example, penguins can tell by their voice whether another penguin is a member of their genus, countryman, or came from another place.

Watching penguins swimming in cold water is uncomfortable. But don't think that penguins are cold. Their body is designed in such a way that a layer of subcutaneous fat and special feathers do not allow the penguin to freeze.

The most famous fact about the penguin is that the penguin is a bird, but cannot swim. But on the other hand, the penguin knows how to stand upright and walk upright, and this is a rarity among birds.

And you will also be interested to know that penguins are very devoted in love: if a penguin fell in love, then this is once and for life. And if the penguin wants to confess his love to his bride, then he very touchingly strokes her head with his wing.

What types of penguin games do we have?

Penguins are restless guys, which is why so many online penguin games have been created with them. Among these games you can find a variety of genres. The most favorite penguin games are racing. Watching the penguins swim in a race is very exciting. It is very funny to watch how the penguins run a race.

And if the heroes of your games are penguins from the famous cartoon "Madagascar", then you can expect any surprises. Everyone remembers these adventurous penguins who constantly got into different adventures.

Among penguin games, you will definitely come across adventure games in which you will have the opportunity to go through funny quests and solve difficult tasks, as well as fight opponents in the face of evil characters.

Young children love coloring penguin games, in which they can paint famous characters in interesting and unexpected colors. Also, with penguins, you can find many logic games and puzzles.