This category of games includes such 3D computer games in which you can see the character you control on the screen.

Features of the genre third person shooter games

This is a special category of computer games that is widespread and very popular among fans of computer shooters. There are many differences in this game genre: basically the game's plot is built around shooting. The player in this genre controls the character and sees him on the screen during the game: the player, as it were, looks out from behind the character, from over his shoulder or from behind his back.

The latter circumstance distinguishes these games from first-person shooters, in which the player seems to see everything that happens through the eyes of his character, and not from the outside.

Also, a feature is that in such games the camera is located behind the shoulder or back of the character.

What is the difference between third person shooter games and shooting games in which the game is played on behalf of the character himself

What distinguishes it from shooting games from the first game in this category is that the player is aiming from behind his character, since he obstructs the player's view. These games are more popular with players, as they can give their avatar more personality.

Also, shooters, in which the player controls a character from the third person, differ from the first person shooters in the features of the gameplay. Since the point of view is different, the player has more opportunity to see the surrounding space, the entire location as a whole. This helps a lot during the game as the player has a solid understanding of the player's circumstances. It is more convenient for the character to seek cover and see the approaching enemies. But first-person shooters in this regard are more realistic and help you to better immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game world.

The disadvantage of games in this category is that the angle of view and the constant location of the character's shoulder or back in front of the player's eyes on the screen negatively affect the aiming accuracy.

Also, shooters, in which the player controls a character from a third person, are more detailed and high quality in terms of game development. They require a completely different design approach as the character's environment requires more detailed elaboration.

History of third person shooter games

The history of games in this category began with the advent of two-dimensional shooters, which appeared among the very first computer games in the world. The first game of this kind was Spacewar!

The appearance of the game Tomb Raider made a lot of noise, which in 1996 became a real phenomenon in the world of computer games. It is to this game that the merit belongs to the fact that shooters in which the player controls his character as if from the side, have become very popular in the world.

The genre of this type of shooter was reborn when the developers introduced a cover system that enriched the genre many times over. Later, such interesting innovations appeared, such as the features of oncoming or storm fire and other details that only a sophisticated player can see.

Throughout its existence, third person shooter games have been one of the most popular genres of computer games.