This category covers 3D computer games in which the character you control is visible on the screen.

Features of the genre third person shooter games

This is a distinct type of computer game that is widely played and well-liked by lovers of computer third person shooter games. There are several distinctions in this game genre: Essentially, the premise of the game revolves around shooting. In this genre, the player controls the character and sees him on the screen throughout the game: the player peers out from behind the character, over his shoulder, or behind his back.

The latter feature sets these games apart from first-person shooters, in which the player seems to view everything through the eyes of his character rather than from the outside. A peculiarity of such games is that the camera is placed behind the character's shoulder or back.

What's the difference between third-person shooter games and shooting games in which the player controls the character? The player is aiming from behind his character, which makes it different from the previous game in this category in that he obstructs the player's view.

Players choose these games because they allow them to give their avatar greater individuality. In addition, shooters in which the player controls a character from a third-person perspective differ from first-person shooters in terms of gameplay elements.

Because the player's point of view is varied, he or she has a better chance of seeing the surrounding space and the full place. This is extremely beneficial throughout the game since the participant has a thorough awareness of his or her situation. It is more practical for the character to seek cover in order to notice oncoming foes.

However, first-person shooters are more realistic in this aspect and allow you to better immerse yourself in the game world's atmosphere. The downside of games in this category is that the character's shoulder or back is always in front of the player's eyes on the screen, reducing aiming accuracy.

In terms of game production, shooters, in which the player controls a character from a third-person perspective, are more detailed and high-quality. Because the character's surroundings need more thorough elaboration, they necessitate an entirely distinct design style.

History of third person shooter games

The history of games of this genre dates back to the introduction of two-dimensional shooters, which were among the world's earliest computer games.

Spacewar! was the first game of its sort. The game Tomb Raider generated a lot of buzz when it first came out in 1996, and it quickly became a true sensation in the world of computer games.

The fact that shooters in which the player controls his character from the side have grown extremely famous throughout the world is due to this game. When the developers created a cover system, the genre was resurrected, and the genre was enriched many times over. Later on, such intriguing additions as impending or storm fire characteristics, as well as other intricacies that only a smart player can perceive, arose.

Third-person shooter games have been one of the most popular computer game genres since its inception.