All children in the world love pets. All children in the world would very much like to have such a pet at home. But there are a lot of children in the world who do not have such an opportunity.

But there is an opportunity to play pet games, and games in this category are just created so that every child in the world has the opportunity to have their own pet.

What kind of pets are there?

A pet is a little friend. If you have a small creature in your house that is completely dependent on you, you should pay a lot of attention to it. Often parents do not allowed having pets at home because their maintenance is associated with financial costs and hassle.

But if you play pet games, then you will not incur any financial costs, but you can choose any pet you wish for yourself.

Even if your choice of a pet in pet games is very strange, parents will not be angry, because your virtual pet looks like a real one, but will not cause any trouble to anyone.

What are the types of pet games?

Pet simulators are similar to Tamagotchi games. In such games, the user is required to take care of the virtual pet like a real one, feed it on time and take it for a walk. There are pet games in the genre of medical games, when you have to bring your pet to the veterinarian who will treat him for various diseases. You may need to act as a veterinarian yourself.

In another genre of pet games, you can open your pet beauty salon, and then you will have to work on the style of your pets and create unforgettable images for them with the help of hairstyles and accessories.

Did you know there is a pet fashion? We also have fashionable pet games in which you will have the opportunity to create an outfit for your pet. Lots of beautiful accessories, designer outfits and even pet shoes. If you get a really cool outfit, then you may be invited to a fashion show as a model.

What kind of strange pets are there?

People dream of different pets. Someone wants a dog, someone wants to have a cat. There are people who love aquarium fish, and there are those who are crazy about hamsters. You can get yourself parrots and canaries, you can take a ferret or chinchilla. These are all familiar pets that can be found in almost every home.

But there are people who have a peculiar taste for pets. They dream of getting themselves a tame dolphin or crocodile, a snake or even a small tiger. People's whims about pets can be really weird sometimes.

There is even a rating of the strangest pets in the world, and the elephant is at the top of this rating: one person in an Indian town got himself a tame elephant at home. The elephant lives in his room (fortunately, there is no roof in this Indian's pulp) and eats with the owner at the same table.