Pokey Ball Jump

Pokey Ball Jump

About game «Pokey Ball Jump»

If you've ever adored Helix Jump, then we have something for you to offer to play today! We are sure that we adored, because we do not know any person who would not adore. In addition, everyone in childhood and even now adores Pokemon. You probably already guessed what we are leading to. Yes, we are talking about the fact that in this game we have combined two of your favorite themes! There are several differences from just Helix Jump. Use Pokey Ball and run it to a certain height. The essence of the game, as you will see later, is slightly different from the original concept. The bullet does not jump by itself, and its jumps are controlled by you. In each round you will have a certain goal in the form of the number of meters on which to launch the ball up. If you manage, then move on to the next round, where the task will be more difficult.

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