One might think that monkey games are games that are dedicated to any monkey. But in this category of games, the main character is the special monkeys, which we will tell you about.

Main characters of monkey games

The monkey games category has collected wonderful bright games that have been designed and created especially for little kids who don't even go to school yet. Our monkey games are both fun entertainment and educational activities during which you can learn a lot.

The main characters of monkey games are yellow monkeys, whose mood changes very quickly. As soon as the player makes a mistake, the monkey immediately begins to feel sad or even cry. So the main task of the player is to make the monkey happy and make it smile.

Useful monkey games

In monkey games, there is necessarily an instructive or cognitive element that will help the player learn something important and useful. If you play monkey games, then you have to solve riddles or puzzles, to complete some task.

These games can teach little players to be always positive, not sad and in a good mood. During the game, they will have to amuse the monkey and complete tasks to make it happy and cheerful.

Monkeys are wonderful animals. And the yellow monkeys from games are a lot like their real counterparts. They are just as smart and nimble, constantly jumping and making noise, fussing and demanding their attention.

But real monkeys make great playmates. You never get bored with them. The same is our yellow monkey from monkey games. The monkey constantly finds itself in some ridiculous and dangerous situations, and only the player can save the monkey if he completes the task or solves the puzzle. The action of the game can take place in a variety of places: we have games in which a monkey wanders around an old castle, and there are games in which the action takes place in the forest. Our monkeys can roam labyrinths and dungeons, so some games may seem really scary to you.

What genres of monkey games do we have?

Most monkey games are adventure games that have quest elements. You don't just walk around the game world looking for secrets and secrets, clues or bonuses. You try to find and complete tasks. The yellow monkey and its mood very clearly show you whether you are doing the task correctly and on the right path or not.

Many adults love games because the monkey is the cutest creature in the world. And games in this category can offer a lot of interesting and entertaining tasks.

Tasks in monkey games vary in degree of difficulty: for the smallest games they offer simple tasks that even toddlers can complete. But if you are an older player, then you will be tasked with solving a difficult puzzle.

If you like to be creative, then especially for you we have games in which you can draw a monkey and give her a portrait of it. You can also paint her portrait and make a gift too. The monkey will be happy!