If you are not yet familiar with the magical world of kogama games, then start playing as soon as possible. The kogama games category includes special 3D games that cannot be confused with any other.

Plots and locations kogama games

The scene of kogama games is a zoo and a park of ice figures, an amusement park and just a residential building, mountain trails and intricate paths. Together with kogama games, you can find yourself in the world of the Wild West or on the racetrack, you can be abandoned in any historical period.
Since kogama games can be created by both portal developers and portal players, the options for locations and time frames for such games are endless. The imagination of the portal visitors is truly endless, so you can find on the portal both standard games with a favorite plot and games that you will not find anywhere else.

Special 3D world of kogama games

The three-dimensional world is mesmerizing. Even the most experienced player who has taken part in a variety of exciting adventures can get lost in it. How is the world of kogama games different from other gaming worlds? Danish game developers have created it as a constructor type, which has a set of tools that any player can handle, even a very small one.

The world of kogama games resembles Minecraft, only its softer version. And also a big plus of kogama games is that such games are placed on a free gaming platform.

What is the secret of the popularity of kogama games? Not only can you play the games that are hosted on the kogama portal, you can create games yourself, and you can also play those games that other players have created.

Just imagine: any of your dreams, ideas can be realized if you have a set of elements from kogama games at hand.

What types of kogama games do we have?

In the amazing and unique world of kogama games, you can find games of various genres and themes. The most interesting kogama games are the quests. The characters, created with the original kogama graphics, look very cute, and quests with them become interesting, exciting and very stylish.
Another common genre for kogama games is shooting games in which the heroes use special weapons, also created in the kogama style.

Parkour games are a very popular genre on the kogama portal. In kogama games, with the help of stylish design and special graphics, magical cities and locations are created that cannot be confused with any other game.

Of course, the games in the genre of battles and fights, created using the graphics of kogama games, look very interesting. In such games, angular characters resembling geometric figures in their outlines use special hand-to-hand combat techniques.

The authors of kogama games call their portal the most convenient platform for entertainment with friends. If you count all the games that the developers have posted on this site, as well as all the games that users have created during the existence of the portal, then this will turn out to be several thousand games.