Characters that are better known than Tom and Jerry are impossible to imagine. Two eternal rivals who remain good friends and protect each other as best they can. Their relationship boils down to offending each other, but not allowing anyone else to offend the other. Games in the category tom and jerry games are dedicated to the wonderful famous duo from the cartoon "Tom and Jerry".

Who are Tom and Jerry?

Tom and Jerry are characters from the famous cartoon of the same name, which has many short episodes. William Hannah and Joseph Barbera wrote this cartoon series.

The plot of each of these episodes is based on the confrontation and rivalry between Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse. Each cartoon is very funny, more satirical.

The first episode of the cartoon was released in theaters in 1940, and this episode was an immediate success. After such success, the authors wrote the script for the next hundred episodes, and all these cartoons were shown before the main screening in the cinema.

When Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, which produced Tom and Jerry cartoons and became famous for this cartoon, closed, cartoons continued to be released at other studios and from other authors.

A feature of short cartoons was that the main characters did not speak, but in 1992 a full-length cartoon about Tom and Jerry was shown in cinemas, and in this cartoon the characters were already talking.

What are tom and jerry games?

Based on the original story of Tom and Jerry, many online games have been created in a variety of genres. The most popular are, of course, games in which you have to run. This applies both to those players who have chosen Jerry as their character, and to those players who play as Tom.

Numerous adventures and fights, arcade and hidden object games, quests and adventures. Based on the original series of cartoons, many creative games were created, where you needed to come up with an interesting outfit for Jerry the mouse and Tom the cat, paint them in different unexpected colors, and draw them in a new way.

Since the main characters of tom and jerry games are very famous, they are often portrayed in such games in unexpected roles and images.
There are tons of Tom and Jerry cooking games out there, and you can also play medical games with these characters. Among the logical and educational games, there are a lot of plots based on the cartoon.

World fame tom and jerry games

The cartoon, on the basis of which tom and jerry games were created, was so popular that it was even awarded an Oscar, and not once, but seven times. Online tom and jerry games have become just as popular, since everyone is looking forward to a new meeting with their favorite characters.
Although the cartoon and the plot itself are already classified as classic, this indefatigable couple still have a whole army of fans. Tom and jerry games of all genres and for all ages enjoy the same popularity.