It seems that the song that real men play hockey was no longer learned only by the lazy. But you will be surprised when you find out how many women are among the fans of this harsh game.

What is hockey games?

It is hard to imagine that there is anyone in the world who does not know what hockey is. But if there are such ones, it should be recalled that this is an interesting exciting game and a rather tough sport. Hockey games are held on ice or on the grass (this is a separate type of hockey), players have clubs in their hands, with which they push the puck, trying to throw it into the gates of their rivals.

On the Internet, absolutely everything is played in hockey games, both men and women, and even fairy-tale characters and fictional characters, which generally do not exist.

Who can play hockey games?

Everyone can play such a game, especially if it's online hockey games. But if this happens in reality, then you need to remember in time that the pucks are so painful that you need to protect yourself from them. Pay attention to the equipment of a typical hockey player: he always has protective pads under his clothes, and even the goalkeeper is completely protected by shields.

And this is the advantage of hockey games: during the online match you will not suffer and there will be no threat to your health, this can be guaranteed.

Honestly, in order to successfully play hockey, you have to be a rude and unceremonious person, because otherwise you can’t simply push the opponent away from the puck. Watch how hockey players behave on ice. Very often, after a match, many of them are not counted in the mouth of their teeth.

What types of hockey games are?

The most familiar, of course, is ice hockey. This sport is included in the program of the Olympic Games, matches at major championships and people around the world watch the Olympics. Hockey players have huge fan clubs that do everything to support their team.

But there are other types of hockey that are important to be aware of, since most of them are also represented in the hockey games category.

These types of hockey include field hockey, which we have already mentioned. Of course, it is on the grass that this type of hockey has not been held for a long time. Instead, a special coating was developed. In this form of hockey there is no puck, but there is a small ball.

There is another kind of hockey, in which they also use a ball instead of the puck, but the game is all-in on ice.

Another kind of hockey is ring hockey. In this form of hockey, players do not use skates: they roller-skate across the field.

Another very interesting variety is quad hockey. Quads are areas that are built of concrete and covered with a wooden coating. On this coverage, hockey players ride on skates, play hockey in this form, too, with a ball. Other types of hockey include floorball, sledge hockey and table hockey.