Who doesn't love pizza? This is a unique, delicious and romantic meal. It seems that until recently only the inhabitants of Europe knew about such dishes, but now the love for pizza has spread across all continents. The pizza games category contains all the games dedicated to this unique and very colorful and delicious dish.

How did the world know about pizza games?

Now many people are very surprised when they learn that pizza is a dish that came to us from Italy. It seems that it has always been, and each nation has its own traditional pizza recipes. Many of these recipes only vaguely resemble the original.

The original dish was invented in Italy. Basically, a pizza is an open pie or flatbread, on which a filling is placed on top, which includes tomato sauce, pieces of cheese, meat, vegetables, mushrooms or some other food. The flatbread is made from yeast dough, but many housewives experiment and use something else. Learning is no less tasty.

At pizza games, you will have the opportunity to learn how to cook traditional pizza. You can also experiment and come up with your own version of pizza.

The pizza guy is the protagonist of pizza games

Pizza delivery is a very romantic profession. His image has been repeatedly used in a variety of films and TV shows, often with pizza delivery men there were a variety of adventures, both funny and romantic. If you want to try yourself as a pizza delivery guy, then you will have such an opportunity. Just play pizza games.

The person who makes pizza is called pizzaiolo, a profession that also appeared in Italy as early as the seventeenth century.

The history of pizza

Pizza is a relatively recent dish. Only in the sixteenth century, when tomatoes appeared in Europe, such an interesting dish was invented in Naples. But the history of this dish began much earlier, when in ancient times some of the dishes were served on the table on pieces of bread.

Pizza began to spread around the world only in the nineteenth century: pizza was recognized in the United States and immediately fell in love. Italian immigrants brought pizza to the USA.

We are used to thinking that pizza must be round. But this is not so: there are rectangular, oval, square pizzas, and also everyone knows the version of pizza-calzone, a closed pizza that looks like a huge cheburek, because one half of the dough covers the other half, on which the filling is laid.

In pizza games you will learn how to cook all these types of pizza, will be able to try yourself in the role of pizzaiolo, and you will also have the opportunity to master one of the most romantic professions in the world - the profession of a pizza peddler. Also, pizza games provide an opportunity to explore the pizzeria business and try yourself as the owner of such a pizzeria and start your business from scratch and grow it to the level of the most famous pizzeria in the city.