Maybe you don’t understand the game of golf. It may seem strange to you, but this game has so many fans around the world that you should take a closer look at golf.

What is a golf games?

This is the name of the sport and the game where teams or individual participants need to put the ball into the hole. To do this, players use special clubs. It is important for the player to go the distance by sending the ball with a club, and to do this the minimum number of strokes by the club.
The history of golf is quite interesting. He came to us from Scotland. According to legend, the shepherds invented this game when they had fun, trying to drive a stone with their staff in a rabbit hole.

It was not entirely joyful to meet the game even in her homeland, there were even bans on this game, but by the nineteenth century, golf had taken shape as the game we know today.

But this is just one of the legends of golf, because golf-like games were found in many other countries and much earlier than in Scotland.

So, for example, the ancient Romans had a similar game, which they called paganics. It was this game that could be transformed into golf after it became widespread in Europe.

There is also an opinion that this game came to us from China. There was a game called Chuywan, and there is even an image on a scroll dating back to the Ming Dynasty, where nobles would swing sticks resembling clubs to drive a small ball into the hole.

How to play a golf games?

A prerequisite for playing golf is the availability of a special golf course. It should include several elements:

- you need teeing ground, water hazard, rough, sand bunker, out of bounds, again water hazard, after which there should be a fairway, putting green. Also on the field should be flagsticks and holes.

Each hole has its own launch pad, which is indicated by marks.

Online golf games repeat exactly the rules of a real game. Games of this genre are made both in the form of a simulator of a golf course, and in the form of a training sports game.

Golf Rules

The rules of the game read:

- the player must go through the specified number of holes in the order that is provided. The player needs to set the ball marked on the starting pad with the name of the participants, and then with a club hit, the player should overtake the ball to the main court, cross the court several times with the club and drive the ball to the green. Once the ball is on the green field, the player should use a special club called putter.

As a golfer says, the basis for golf rules is the principle of honesty.

The golf association has a whole set of very strict rules and restrictions that must be strictly observed. It is also necessary to observe the numerous customs and rules that exist in golf and are called "golf etiquette." These practices address issues such as honesty, security, player commitment, and pace.