In recent years, quiz games are gaining popularity. Many people wonder: what is it? But games are just the case when they say that everything new is well forgotten old.

What is quiz games?

The concept of quiz is not new: this kind of entertainment has always existed. People asked each other questions verbally or in writing, answered them, and then they counted the number of correct answers and chose the winner.

This rule is common to all types of quiz games, but they may differ from each other in what areas of knowledge quiz includes questions. Quiz can also differ in secondary rules: in what order do rivals answer questions, how is the winner identified.

Initially, games existed as board games. In such games, questions were prepared in advance. Later quiz games were developed, to which separately released sets of questions.

The development of such board games led to the fact that participants began to unite in entire communities and hold large-scale tournaments.

Quiz games on TV

Before games online appeared, this form of games was very popular and popular on television. Entire series and quiz tournaments were held, and winners and champions became national heroes. Some television games in this genre are still very popular; viewers around the globe are happy to take part in them.

In recent years, the games genre has again become widespread on television, since many advertising campaigns are built specifically on the quiz format.

The quiz form in training is also widely used: modern training courses and systems use the quiz games form as control and teaching methods. Using the games format, it is possible to learn material in a playful way more efficiently than with other teaching methods. Often parents choose this type of games for their children as a training of knowledge, skills.

Online quiz games - a genre that is quickly becoming popular

As soon as the quiz games genre penetrated the Internet, a whole specialized site began to appear on which every user can find quiz for themselves to taste and on topics that interest him.

But if a person is not interested in devoting a lot of time to this lesson, then he will like free online games, which have colorful design and a list of questions that is both entertaining and entertaining.

Teachers and psychologists very much encourage the interest of modern children in the quiz games genre, since this genre of online games has a beneficial effect on the development of qualities such as ingenuity and logic, teaches teamwork, develops erudition, and significantly broadens one's horizons.

And although the general enthusiasm for the games genre began relatively recently, this genre already has its own records. In 2010, Belgium hosted the most massive quiz in the world, which was even listed in the Guinness Book of Records. There were 2280 members in this quiz.
Like any esports, games has its own championships, which attract a huge number of participants. Broadcasts from such championships attract millions of viewers.