If you are interested in gladiator games, then you like stories about Ancient Rome and the martial arts that were there. The gladiator games category includes games where the main characters are gladiators.

Gladiators - characters gladiator games

Swordsmen or gladiators lived in the days of Ancient Rome. They were fighters who took part in battles. Gladiator fights were organized for the sake of the show to entertain the audience. The gladiator who won in battle, received freedom and freed from slavery.

Gladiator fights have several distinctive features. One of these features is the finger gesture. When a gladiator is injured and cannot continue to fight, he must raise his index finger up. In this case, the fight stops, the gladiator admits defeat. If the king decides to spare the gladiator, then he leaves him alive. Often the kings allowed the enemy to finish off the wounded gladiator.

What types of gladiators can you find in gladiator games?

The gladiators, who were called "andabats", were dressed in chain mail and helmets that had no slits for the eyes, so during the battle they could not see each other.

Gladiators, who were called "bestiaries", belonged to the underworld: fighting in gladiatorial battles was a sentence for them for a crime. Such gladiators were armed with daggers or darts and released against a predatory animal. Almost always gladiators died in such battles.

Gladiators who fought with two swords in each hand did not have any protection on their bodies, did not wear a helmet, and did not wear a shield. They wore short tunics and bandaged their legs with tight bandages. Such gladiators were called "dimachers".

There were also equita gladiators, who were lightly armed, defended with a shield and scale armor. Their helmets were decorated with brushes, and their forearms were protected by armor. Such gladiators fought on horseback, and continued the battle on foot.

There were also varieties of gladiators "Gauls", "Goplomakhs", "Lakvearii", armed only with lassos, murmillons, as well as provocateurs, Samnites and many other species.

Plots and locations in gladiator games

The plots in gladiator games can be very different, but they all necessarily refer to the type of battles, fights, martial arts. Since gladiators existed in ancient Rome, most often the plot involves antique motives. But sometimes the fantasy of game developers transports gladiators to other temporary conditions.

The locations for gladiator games are arenas for gladiators, therefore gladiators performed in arenas.

Some of the arenas for gladiatorial battles have survived and have survived to our time. The most famous arena for gladiator fights is the Colosseum, the remains of which can still be seen in Rome. In Tunisia, the amphitheater of Mark Antony Gordian has been preserved, and in Verona, the arena has not only survived to this day, but is also used as a platform for opera performances.

The heroes of gladiator games can be both unknown gladiators and those about whom you have heard or know them well. The most famous gladiators are Spartacus, Crixus, Publipor, Commodus, Flamma, Priscus and Verus, Spikul, Narcissus.